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your ultimate destination for premium Ported Intake Manifolds designed to unleash the true power of your engine. In collaboration with Auto Mafia Racing, we proudly present a game-changing upgrade that will revolutionize your driving experience.

Handcrafted Performance:

Auto Mafia Racing Ported Intakes are meticulously crafted to order, receiving the utmost attention to detail. Each intake is expertly ported and finely polished by skilled artisans, ensuring a masterpiece of engineering that's ready to take your vehicle's performance to new heights.

Uncompromised Quality:
At, we believe in delivering only the best. Auto Mafia Racing Ported Intake Manifolds are made using brand new, OEM Genuine Ford components. Unlike other sellers who resort to repurposed intakes, we provide you with a guarantee that our offerings have never graced the engine bay of another vehicle. Accompanied by new gaskets, our intakes exude quality and reliability.

Dominating Performance:
Prepare to experience a significant boost in horsepower with Auto Mafia Racing Ported Intake Manifolds. Extensive testing has demonstrated substantial power gains over the factory 11-17 manifolds. Want enhanced performance without the price tag of a Cobra Jet? Look no further. Our Ported Intakes offer an irresistible combination of power and value.

The 2018 Power Surge:
Auto Mafia Racing 2018 Manifold emerges as a powerhouse, delivering remarkable gains across all 11-17 5.0 Coyote Motors. Surpassing the prowess of a GT350 manifold and standing shoulder to shoulder with a Cobra Jet Setup, this manifold guarantees formidable power enhancement.

Unleash Even More:
Yearning for the pinnacle of power? Our optional porting service takes things up a notch. Opt for our ported 2018 GT Manifolds and unlock power figures akin to a CJ Intake. With an unmatched dollar-for-dollar proposition, prepare to revel in unparalleled performance gains.

Unlock Performance with Ease:
Discover the advantage of Lock Outs. Seamlessly manage wiring, fine-tune your ride, and extract more power with the help of Lock Outs. A necessity for 11-14 Coyote Engines, they ensure an optimized performance experience.

Seamless Transition for 15-17:
If your vehicle belongs to the 15-17 range, our PigTails offer a seamless solution. Keep your IMRC intact with these purpose-built PigTails, allowing you to retain peak performance while enjoying the benefits of our Ported Intake Manifolds.

OEM Excellence:
Count on us for genuine excellence. We employ Genuine OEM Ford Parts to execute our porting process, reflecting our commitment to delivering uncompromised quality and performance.

Experience the SpeedMafia Difference:
And the best part? We offer Free Shipping to the Continental US, ensuring that your journey towards unmatched performance is as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Elevate your driving experience with's supporting Auto Mafia Racing Ported Intake Manifolds. Unleash power, quality, and excellence with each turn of the wheel. It's time to redefine what your vehicle is truly capable of.

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